It looks too good to throw away – Reuse your Pure Naturally bottle

A lot of time and effort went into designing our Pure Naturally bottles. We wanted something that looked good and was practical for users. Many people prefer to use products in glass containers because they can reuse the bottles, however we found from experience that oil and glass are not a good combination. I still cringe at the memory of stepping on broken glass from a bottle that slipped out of my hand!! The good news is that Pure Naturally bottles are BPA free and can be reused to store pantry cupboard items. The unique curve design allows the bottles to fit neatly into each other in a tidy line, giving you a neater pantry with more space.

How to prepare bottles for reuse

  1. Make sure most of the coconut oil has been used.
  2. Place some warm water and detergent in the bottle and leave to soak for a few hours.
  3. Place on the top rack of the dishwasher and wash with the usual load.
  4. Once removed from the dishwasher leave to air until the inside is completely dry.
  5. Fill with desired items.