Coconut Rice

Coconut Rice – Is it good for you?

Coconut rice has been enjoyed for centuries by the South East Asian cultures, thinks Nasi Lemak in Malaysia and mango and sticky rice in Thailand…Yummm. I am sure the people in the ancient days were clued in to the benefits or they may have just stumbled upon it and figured it tastes great so let’s keep making it!

Now that the benefits of virgin coconut oil in our diets has been studied scientifically and shown to, amongst other things, help balance blood sugar levels there has been an increase in the number of people adding it to their rice. In an earlier post I mentioned a diabetic customer of ours that mixes virgin coconut oil into her rice after it is cooked and places it in the fridge overnight to have the next day. This was better for her blood sugar level compared to eating the rice plain.

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