Beach Tip with the Handy Bottle

Beach Tip with The Handy Bottle

Sydney has been experiencing some crazy hot weather lately and my kids are constantly asking me to take them to the beach or the pool. I always slather them with sun screen but for extra protection and to prevent any peeling I apply Pure Naturally Virgin Coconut Oil before applying the sunscreen.

Please note that Virgin Coconut Oil only has a SPF4 and therefore is not enough to use alone as sun protection. The benefit of applying Virgin Coconut Oil is that the skin is left super soft after a day at the beach instead of dry, red and peeling.

The Handy size bottle (80ml) is the perfect size to throw into the beach bag and head out to enjoy the sun and sand. It also doubles up as emergency first aid for those pesky mozzie bites, coral cuts or any other abrasions that can occur at the beach.

If you do forget to reapply your sun screen at the beach and end up with some uncomfortable burns then apply Pure Naturally Virgin Coconut oil to the area immediately and then daily for a week until the skin returns to normal.