Banana French Toast

Banana French Toast by our fan – @Josie_eatyourselfstrong

I guess it was meant to be.  Not long after we launched Pure Naturally, Josie became a fan of our coconut oil.  We kept on getting tagged in recipes that she posted on her very popular blog @Josie_eatyourselfstrong on Instagram.  We encourage you to check her blog out, it doesn’t just include beautiful recipes such as this Banana French Toast but it is filled encouraging words to keep fit, eat healthy and get strong.  To make this Banana French Toast, just follow this recipe in Josie’s own words:

I made this delicious breakfast last weekend as my post-F45 treat using @hermanbrot‘s high protein low carb bread – such a winner

To make the French toast I mashed one banana, mixed it with an egg and added a dash of almond milk. Then I soaked the bread in the mixture and pan-fried it on the griddle pan using @purenaturally coconut oil.

Served with fresh banana, frozen raspberries, passionfruit, a square of @lindtuk dark chocolate, @mayversfood peanut butter and @waldenfarmsinternational chocolate sauce.