About Pure Naturally

It all started with a holiday to the islands. Looking at the abundance of coconut trees around us, we wondered if there was anything else these coconuts had to offer beside coconut water and coconut milk.

After returning home, we began our research and found that Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) was a very healthy and versatile oil, but there were a lot of misconceptions about it in the market place. We were completely blown away by the various health benefits it offered and the number of applications that it could be used on. VCO is not a new product in Australia. When comparing the number of brands currently available, one would quickly realise that they all look and feel very similar, and there is very little to no clear message that differentiates one from another. We were determined to bring a new brand of superior quality VCO, delivered in practical and innovative packaging, and offering competitive value.

In order to find a product of superior quality, we refused to simply become an importer of an existing VCO product. What we did would take longer and require significant investment. We took our time to become experts on VCO. This meant exploring the best methods to extract the oil, and determining whether the way a coconut was sourced and its origin had any impact on the quality of the oil. We examined the versatility and health benefits of VCO, and ensured that the extraction method, the type of coconut, and its origin, did not take away any of those vital properties. We also took the time to understand what you, the customer, wants and looks for when buying VCO.

After consolidating our research, we came up with selection criteria, and sought out producers. We were relentless in the pursuit of quality. We researched every country that had a rich history of producing and exporting coconut related products. We looked at Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, The Pacific Island, The Philippines, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. Only a handful of producers satisfied all of the criteria. We then visited each one in person and made sure that they really were as good as they said. In the end, we found the perfect producer, situated in Thailand and who is as passionate as we are about making high-quality VCO available to more people.

High quality oil is only part of the equation. The bottle needed to exhibit quality, innovation and practicality. It would need to look different. With that in mind and incorporating your feedback, we poured a lot of effort into creating a bottle from the ground up that was both beautiful and practical.

But having a high quality and innovative product would be pointless if it couldn’t be offered to you, the customer, at a reasonable price. We believe we found a formula that, without any compromise, allows us to offer you all that Pure Naturally Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is at the best value possible.

Pure Naturally Virgin Coconut Oil is our first product but definitely won’t be the last. It is our pledge to you that, with any new product, we will stay true to the philosophy of bringing superior quality, with innovative packaging, at a reasonable price.
We are confident that once you experience our Virgin Coconut Oil, you will truly understand that all Virgin Coconut Oils are not created equal.